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Perinatal Research & Maternal Medicine

Pregnancy and the new-born period determines the health and well-being of an individual, not only at birth but through-out their entire life. Therefore, our research Centre is focused upon how we can provide the healthiest start to life for all individuals.

We do this by a laboratory research program that seeks to understand and list the causes of common pregnancy complications that include a failure of normal growth, high-blood pressure such as preeclampsia and the causes of early-birth. Our laboratory research is aimed at discovering new therapies and diagnostics for the prevention of these conditions.

Secondly, we have a Clinical Population Health Perinatal Research Group and they are focused upon performing high-quality clinical research to understand how pregnancy complications are best prevented and managed.

Our population perinatal research is aimed at understanding patterns in maternity and new-born care, and understanding how things that occur in the pregnancy period affect later childhood conditions, and for the mother her future health.

Our highlights have included, being awarded an Australian Clinical Trial Alliance (ACTA) Clinical Trial of the Year in 2016 for an international study that determined best timing of birth for women who break their waters early in pregnancy.

We also have, through the linkage of very large population health of datasets, appreciated the importance of the later weeks of pregnancy, between 34 and 40 weeks of ensuring optimal brain development; and this is causing us to review what is the practice with respect to planned early birth across New South Wales and Australia.

Our research groups include:

Clinical & Population Perinatal Health Research

- Perinatal Basic Science Research

- Human Reproduction Research

- Gynaecology Research

- Clinical Genetics Research

- Paediatrics Research


Healthy Start to Life


Maternal & Neonatal


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