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Pain Management Research Institute

Established in 1990, the Pain Management Research Institute (PMRI) is a joint initiative between the University of Sydney and Royal North Shore Hospital. As a division of the Kolling Institute, PMRI pursues its broad goal of improving human health by:

  • Conducting basic and clinical research programs
  • Operating a national and international education program
  • In collaboration with the Pain Management & Research Centre (PMRC), treating patients with acute pain, cancer pain and chronic non-cancer pain

The Pain Management Research Institute (PMRI) comprises basic and translational researchers, and many members directly involved in clinical treatment, research and education programs. PMRI runs an intensive research program investigating mechanisms and treatment of a wide range of severe persistent pain problems that many people suffer. 

Our research pursues the broad theme that persistent pain is a disease entity with its own symptoms, signs and underlying disorders such as abnormal sensory, spinal cord and brain neuronal physiology, neurochemistry, anatomy and pathology.

The laboratories include the Cognitive and Behavioural Research Laboratory, Cellular Physiology of Pain Research Laboratory, Pain Management Human Studies Group and the Spinal Cord Injury Pain Clinical Research Laboratory. 

The Pain Management & Research Centre (PMRC) is a purpose designed clinical facility in the Douglas Building of Royal North Shore Hospital constructed with funds donated by the business community and the general public.

The activities of the Centre include:

  • A large clinical service for acute, subacute, chronic and cancer pain (40,000 episodes of patient care per annum)
  • Group and individual patient services conducted by a multidisciplinary staff
  • Treatments include (alone and in combination) pharmacotherapy, electrical stimulation, radiofrequency ablations, psychological and physiotherapy management


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Chronic & Complex Care


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