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Psychiatry Research & CADE Clinic

Psychiatry Research & CADE Clinic

Research in the Department of Psychiatry spans basic neuroscience to clinical practice. It links with the CADE Clinic, a joint initiative between the University of Sydney and Royal North Shore Hospital.

The CADE Clinic provides specialist clinical services for the assessment and treatment of mood and anxiety disorders, which together affect almost a quarter of the population and account for a significant burden of distress, disability and cost to the community. CADE Clinic staff are active in providing education for patients and their families, medical students, and the medical and general community.

The broad aims of research within the Department are to achieve a greater understanding of psychiatric disorders and their aetiology that will help develop and deliver more effective treatments, implement efficient management strategies, and meaningfully inform clinical practice guidance.

In order to achieve these aims, research targets within the Department include characterising the complex nature of psychiatric disorders, determining their neural basis, tracing their antecedents in earlier life and from heredity and adversity, understanding and treating suicidality, investigating the therapeutic actions of treatments from a mechanistic perspective, and determining effective means of educating health professionals about best practice.

Active collaborations with local, national and international groups and interprofessional colleagues extend research effectiveness. The department seeks to identify and explore innovative avenues for achieving our ultimate goal of translating research findings into clinical practice, so as to treat and ideally prevent psychiatric disorders. The majority of our research has been funded through successive NHMRC program grants since 2007 and the research team involves basic neuroscientists, clinical and research psychologists and academic psychiatrists. 


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