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Heart Failure Management

Professor Geoffrey Tofler together with Anne Sullivan, Vanessa Baker and their Heart Failure Specialist Nurse Colleagues, lead the Northern Sydney Area-Wide Management of Cardiac Function (MACARF) Program in Heart Failure.  

This program, which has enrolled more than 6000 patients since January 2000, works to optimise the management of patients with cardiac failure from the hospital to the community.

The ongoing program, which is funded by New South Wales Health, has contributed to Northern Sydney having among the lowest re-admission rates nationally for patients with heart failure.

Data have been presented at National and International conferences and published in peer review journals. These data include examining the role of:

  • Anaemia in Heart Failure
  • Identification and implications of cognitive dysfunction in patient with Heart Failure
  • Symptom course prior to admission with Heart Failure
  • Predictors of Frequent Re-admission in Heart Failure
  • Trends in Demographics and Patient Management
  • Comparison of Heart Failure with Preserved and Reduced Ejection Fraction  

Randomised trials of medications in heart failure are also conducted under Professor Tofler’s direction.


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