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Cardiothoracic Surgery

As one of Australia’s major cardiothoracic centres, the Cardiothoracic Surgical Unit at Royal North Shore Hospital serves 1.4 million people in the Northern Sydney Central Coast area. The Surgical Department work very closely with the department of Cardiology, and several of their clinical professors who combine teaching, research, and clinical work - contributing to new knowledge and healthcare.  

The Cardiothoracic unit at Royal North Shore Hospital pioneered off-pump beating heart coronary bypass surgery and have published internationally on the reduction in stroke rates using this technique. The unit is also well known for its mitral and aortic surgery with excellent outcomes.

Current clinical research projects include:

  • Investigation of the axillary artery perfusion for aortic valve surgery and the role in stroke reduction
  • Renal protection during coronary bypass surgery
  • Prophylactic intra-aortic balloon pump for patients with poor left ventricular function

The unit has been fortunate to have established The Cardiothoracic Surgery Education and Research Fund through the generous donation from Mr Richard Longes. This has supported members of the Cardiothoracic Surgery Unit to maintain a rich history of ground-breaking research and innovations in the field. 

New less invasive, evidence-based treatments being pioneered at Royal North Shore Hospital will help improve the recovery and survival rate of heart disease and cardiothoracic patients.     


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