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Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging

Co-Directors Professor Gemma Figtree and Doctor Rebecca Kozor

Cardiac CT and cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) imaging provide important non-invasive insights into cardiovascular disease. We deliver a clinical and research CMR and cardiac CT service that covers a broad range of research interests using standard, evolving and experimental techniques. Our research spans the entire translational pathway: from basic science and molecular imaging to establishing new imaging biomarkers, to health services delivery and cost-effectiveness, to technological developments and new sequence design.

It is the ability of CMR to characterise the myocardium and provide increasingly quantitative measures of the underlying pathophysiology driving a variety of cardiac diseases that is unique and powerful. New insights provided by CMR are increasingly appreciated in clinical settings but are invaluable for researchers particularly with its precise quantitation. Our particular CMR focus is on myocardial tissue characterisation, and ischaemia and infarction, as well as flow characteristics in collaboration with Sydney Translational Imaging Laboratory (STIL).

Our CT research brings together molecular information gained from an extensive biobank of blood from patients, with clinical information and the detailed quantitative and qualitative plaque characterisation that is provided by the CT coronary angiogram. This allows us to discover new biological mechanisms of disease development, as well as improve risk stratification, in combination with efforts designed at improving the application of CT coronary angiography to improve patient outcomes.

We maintain national and international collaboration with other distinguished research groups to upkeep technical advance, practical skills and research, as well as foster local academic training, education, and research. 


Combatting Chronic Disease


Cardiothoracic & Vascular Health


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