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Bill Walsh Translational Cancer Research Lab

Bill Walsh Translational Cancer Research Lab

The Bill Walsh Translational Cancer Research Laboratory is the research arm of the Department of Medical Oncology at Royal North Shore Hospital.

It is located within the Hormones and Cancer Division of the Kolling Institute which is affiliated with the Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney and a member of Sydney Vital.

Associate Professor Nick Pavlakis (co-head), Professor Stephen Clarke (co-head) and Doctor Viive Howell (Research Director) run the research program of the lab.

The lab is comprised of a team of medical oncologists and cancer researchers working together to fast-track laboratory discoveries into clinical practice.

Overview of Research Program

  • Increasing the understanding of cancer biology
  • Identifying better ways to diagnose and predict how a cancer will behave
  • Improving cancer treatment for better outcomes for cancer patients

Current Research Areas

Cancer Vaccine Development

  • Utilising the immune system to help fight cancer

Lung Cancer

  • Exploring the molecular phenotyping of adenocarcinoma of the lung and its clinical implications
  • Identifying biomarkers in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
  • Analysis of the proteins from exhaled breath condensate as a source of potential biomarkers
  • Chemotherapy resistance in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
  • Exploring the molecular basis of brain metastases in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Colorectal/Gastric/Oesophageal Cancer

  • Identifying new biomarkers for prognosis
  • Investigating the role of inflammation in colorectal cancer

Ovarian Cancer

  • Identifying drivers of ovarian cancer and studying the tumour microenvironment of ovarian cancer

Brain Cancer

  • Identifying novel prognostic biomarkers and therapeutic targets for brain tumour patients to improve patient outcomes

Pancreato-biliary Cancer

  • Harnessing the power within to conquer pancreatic cancer
  • Investigating clotting in pancreatic cancer
  • Identifying new biomarkers


  • Developing new treatments for chemotherapy resistance in Mesothelioma

Clinical Trials

  • Biochemical analysis of blood samples in clinical trials to improve diagnosis and prognosis



Combatting Chronic Disease


Cancer & Pallative Care


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