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C Murray Maxwell Biomechanics Laboratory

C Murray Maxwell Biomechanics Laboratory

The Murray Maxwell Biomechanics Laboratory is a Biomedical Engineering-based research group that studies the links between joint injury and diseases such as osteoarthritis and tendinopathy. We study how injuries affect the mechanical function of joints, how the impact loading and changes in mechanical function drive disease, and how these injuries can be prevented.

 We perform independent research, as well as contract and collaborative research with clinicians and industry, including:

- Tissue biomechanical testing and analysis (e.g. changes in strength or stiffness with treatment; comparative studies)
- Orthopaedic testing of joints and implants (e.g. knee and spine; changes in laxity, range of motion and stiffness with treatment or disease)
- Experience with other materials and outcomes (e.g. grafts, sutures, and fabrics; friction, cyclic testing, gap formation, viscoelastic properties)
- Biomechanics testing facility with anatomy licence to use human tissue
- Experience sourcing and using animal and human tissue for biomechanical assessment
- Manufacture of custom testing fixtures and experimental equipment
- Developer and user of custom biomechanics-based in vivo animal models for musculoskeletal injury and disease (e.g. pain and osteoarthritis after knee injury; tendon and ligament injury)
- Tissue culture and bioreactor studies (e.g. manipulating and maintaining properties, structure and composition of tissues through mechanical loading)
- Resources and experience to develop new methods, models and equipment


C Murray Maxwell Biomechanics Laboratory Head - Doctor Elizabeth Clarke



Acute & Critical Care


Musculoskeletal, Plastic/Burns, Spinal & Trauma


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