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Renal Research Laboratory

Renal Research Laboratory

The Renal Research Laboratory's overarching goal is to improve the lives of patients with chronic kidney disease by:

  • Generating new knowledge about the cause of progressive kidney disease
  • Developing new diagnostic tests to predict those who will develop kidney failure
  • Discover new medicines to prevent and treat kidney disease
  • Apply our discoveries in human clinical trials
  • Bring new tests and therapies to market with our industry colleagues

We have had continuous peer-reviewed research funding for the last 25 years from: NHMRC, ARC, JDRF, Diabetes Australia, The University of Sydney and RNSH through the Ramsay Research Fund. We are also grateful for, and highly dependent on generous donations and Philanthropic support. We collaborate internationally and with Big Pharma and smaller Australian Biotech companies to translate our research into clinical relevance. We are currently involved in multiple clinical trials, including representation as Principle Investigator, Steering Committee member and National Investigator of multiple pharma sponsored clinical trials and investigator initiated clinical trials.

In 2015 our research group contributed 22 papers to the international literature on chronic kidney disease and to date 20 papers have been published, accepted or submitted for publication in 2016. 

Current Studies

  • Do maternal factors, (obesity or maternal smoking) predispose the offspring to develop future kidney disease? How best to intervene to prevent chronic kidney disease in the population?
  • Defining mechanisms that lead to diabetic kidney disease with the aim of developing new treatments (systemic, cerebral and kidney specific mechanisms)
  • Investigating the genome to determine whether ‘non-coding’ regions influence kidney disease
  • Repurposing of existing drugs to treat progressive kidney disease
  • Testing novel anti-fibrotic agents to prevent and reverse CKD
  • Using nanoparticles to deliver therapeutic genes that target the kidney
  • Studying food as a ‘therapy’ to treat diabetic kidney disease
  • Developing blood and urinary makers to predict those who will develop kidney disease in people who have Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus       

Head of Laboratory - Professor Carol Pollock

Head of Clinical Research - Doctor Muh Geot Wong    

Post-doctoral Senior Scientists

  • Doctor Xin-Ming Chen - Laboratory Manager
  • Associate Professor Usha Panchapakesan
  • Doctor Sonia Saad
  • Doctor Muh Geot Wong
  • Doctor Chunling Huang
  • Doctor Sarah Glastras 

Post-doctoral Visiting Scientists

  • Doctor Ling Zhang
  • Doctor Yongli Zhao

Clinical Researchers

  • Professor Carol Pollock
  • Doctor Sonia Saad
  • Doctor Sarah Glastras
  • Doctor Xin-Ming Chen
  • Doctor Bruce Cooper
  • Doctor Amanda Mather
  • Doctor David Waugh
  • Doctor Sarah Roxburgh
  • Doctor Stefanie Stanenberg
  • Doctor Yvonne Shen
  • Doctor Paul Collett
  • Doctor Stella McGinn
  • Professor Vlado Perkovic

Research Assistant

  • Amgad Adolf

PhD Students

  • Doctor Stefanie Stangenberg
  • Long Nguyen
  • Doctor May Wong
  • Doctor Sanela Redzepagic
  • Doctor Hao Yi
  • Doctor Ying Shi
  • Doctor Qinghua Cao



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