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Cancer & Pallative Care

Cancer & Pallative Care

The human body is made up of billions of cells. Old and damaged cells are continually being replaced by new cells. Cancer is the breakdown of this orderly process and can happen in any part of the human body. When a cancer develops, the body’s cells divide and grow out of control forming growths called tumours that can invade surrounding tissue. These tumours are known as malignant cancers.

At the Kolling Institute, Cancer Research aims to identify and overcome the mechanisms that drive cancer development and progression, resulting in better patient outcomes. There are a number of cancer laboratories with different expertise at the Kolling Institute, specialising in chemotherapy resistance, immunotherapies, genetics, epigenetics, diagnostic services and clinical trials. They are supported by an active tissue bank and core facilities.

The translational model of cancer research at the Kolling Institute, that rapidly implements laboratory findings into clinical practice, is supported by the Cancer Institute Translational Centre, Sydney Vital. This model, achieved through the close collaboration of research scientists and medical oncologists, combines innovative and cutting edge research with personalised treatment strategies for complete care of cancer patients.


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