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Director's Update

10 November 2016

The Health Minister and Prime Minister have released their priorities that will determine disbursement of the Medical Research Future Fund. It is pleasing that all the initiatives that the Kolling included in its submission were incorporated into these priorities. This includes support of a national institute focused on facilitating evidence-based and cost-effective health care and public and preventive health, support of the AHTRCs to deliver appropriate effective healthcare across larger populations, the creation of incubator hubs for diagnostics, devices, and molecular therapeutics, along a SPARK model and the support of clinical trials.

This is an opportunity not only to reform the future but also the culture of medical research. We are entering a new era where health researchers are tasked to demonstrate the difference that their work makes. It is an opportunity to improve health and generate wealth. It comes in the same week that we read that biomedical researchers are leaving the profession in unprecedented numbers. The hope for these researchers is the support for increased collaboration with industry. Academia is only one component of the pathway that turns discovery into reality. A focus on entrepreneurship and greater fluidity with respect to industry collaboration and placements is a positive mood.

Full details of the priorities.


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