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Combatting Chronic Disease

Combatting Chronic Disease

More than 7 million Australians live with a chronic condition and more are at risk due to obesity and old age. Research is crucial to help these people lead healthy, fulfilling lives despite their condition.

Diseases that were once a death sentence can now be managed throughout life. Our research into debilitating conditions like heart and brain disease, diabetes, cancer, mental illness and bone and joint problems will mean people lead better lives. It will also save the health system valuable dollars and will mean people can stay at work and care for their families for longer, with far reaching implications for the entire community.


Cancer & Pallative Care

Cardiothoracic & Vascular Health

Chronic & Complex Care



Institute of Bone & Joint Research

Mitochondrial Disease Research Centre

Pain Management Research Institute

Parkinson’s Disease & Movement Disorders Centre of Excellence

Sydney Vital, Translational Cancer Research Center


Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging

Bill Walsh Translational Cancer Research Lab

Bowel Cancer and Biomarker Research Lab

Breast Cancer Research

Cancer Diagnosis & Pathology

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Cardiovascular Regeneration

Department of Rheumatology

Functional Genomics Laboratory Ovarian Cancer Research

Heart Failure Management

Interventional Cardiology & Clinical Trials

Kolling Institute Tumour Banks

Membrane Biology


Oxidative Signaling

Prevention & Epidemiology

Psychiatry Research & CADE Clinic

Raymond Purves Bone & Joint Research Laboratory

Renal Research Laboratory

Sutton Arthritis Research Laboratory

Translational Cardiology Research Laboratory

Vascular Surgery


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